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The OPEN CALL is closed! We thank more than 300 performers and groups from all over the world for sharing their exciting projects, from which we could select three for this year and seven more for 2023! Follow us on social media for the presentations!


Tickets for this years festival 15.-17.9.2022 are available on

Festival für Immaterielle Kunst

Call for performances on the edges of experimental/new music and performance art

For our performances on the 16.9.2022 at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Kaistudio, we are looking for performances with a length of around 30-40 min. The pieces should fit into the concept of our festival, which is based on two keystones: performance art and experimental music. Please describe how your project is situated between these art forms or how it touches them.


We are very much interested in performances working with confrontation with or integration of the audience, but are also open for any other concepts and ideas.


Please keep in mind that there will be only be about 1,5-2 hours of installation time on the same day for your project, and check out the Kaistudio (tech rider, photos etc.)


If the piece already exists please send us documentation material (video, photos, possibly scores or sim. etc.).

If the piece does not exist yet you can send us a description of your plans for the call and work it out after your proposal got chosen.


The chosen projects will receive 1.000€ production costs (including fees+travelling expenses)


Deadline: 1.4.2022 (12pm CET) correction: 12am=midnight of the 1.4.2022, the full day still counts

Submit to

Please send us a PDF (German or English) with:

- your name/name of contact person, full adress, mail adress, homepage

- biography/biographies (1500-2000 characters)

- project description (2000-3000 characters)

- How does your project combine ideas from performance / performance art and experimental / new music? (300-500 characters)

as well as any optional additional material (e.g. documentation material) via links or download links.

We're looking forward to your proposals!





in and around Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

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