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Gwen Rouger

Due to Corona reasons Rouger unfortun-ately will not able to bring her Caravan nor perform her piece. Michiko Saiki will jump in for her with another performance!

A piece of music is just the beginning— Gwen Rouger places herself as an active mediator between the spectator and the piece. The emotional core of a piece is the point of departure for her reformulations of the concert performance context. All elements are arranged in order to foreground this core and share it with the utmost directness.This explorative approach underlies the development of her performative installations ('Cageplay', 'Urgent Stimulation', 'What you hear is not what you see', 'Fragile Strength’, ‘Caravan’).

Having trained in Paris with the Argentinian composer and pianist Carlos Roqué Alsina, Rouger received a Masters Degree with distinction in Contemporary Music Performance from the Royal College of Music, London, UK, in June 2014. She has performed as a soloist or as a chamber musician at the 104, Centre Pompidou/Manifeste Festiaval (Paris, France), Cadogan Hall, Cafe OTO (Londres, U.K.), Central Station/Darmstadt Festival (Germany), Bozar (Brussels, Belgium), Klang Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark), Ulumbarra Theater/BIFEM festival (Bendigo, Australia), Lee Foundation Theater, NAFA (Singapore).


Gwen Rouger plays with ensembles like Plus-Minus (London, U.K.), and Ictus (Brussels, Belgium), and is the co-director and pianiste/keyboardist of the ensembles for new music soundinitiative and We Spoke: New Music Compagny. She has been artist-in-residency at La Cité des Arts (Paris, France) in 2015/2016 and at the Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, Germany) in 2016/2017.


Photo credit: Rouger archive

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