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with: Sisterloops, Andreas Borregaard, Maren Strack, Hans-Christian Jaenicke, zozoTransistor, Julia Robert and many more!

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg



16:30-17:30, forecourt of the Elbphilharmonie -> escalator Tube -> Plaza


in collaboration with Musikhochschule Lübeck

Foyer des Kleinen Saals, 18.00 Uhr – 19:15 Uhr

doors open: 17:45

panel discussion „composing with bodies“

with Akiko Ahrendt, Zoë Binetti, Hans-Christian Jaenicke, Helene Heuser,

Frauke Aulbert and

Friedemann Dupelius (moderation)

Kleiner Saal, 19:30

Julia Robert viola, performance : FAME

Andreas Borregaard accordion, performance

Jennifer Walshe: SELF-CARE

Andreas Borregaard: Study #17 - Total Knowledge (world premier)

Maren Strack performance, dance : Sonate für Pumpen und Tüten





11:00 – 13:00, Kaistudio 5

workshop How to *Music* with Andreas Borregaard


15:00 – 17:00, Kaistudio 3

workshop How to *Performance* with Maren Strack

Kaistudio 1, 19:30

Hans-Christian Jaenicke performance: PASSAGE - concert for moving piano. Meeting point: forecourt of Elbphilharmonie, waterfront

zozoTransistor aka Zoë Binetti  performance : cast(s)

Sisterloops performance, voice : Voice Noise


SWR 2 Jetztmusik Das Festival für Immaterielle KunstArtist Name
00:00 / 10:31
listen to sounds and interviews from FIK 2021 (German)
by Chantal Nastasi, for SWR 2 Jetztmusik
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